Who We Are

First Presbyterian Church of Missoula

‘the River flows…faith grows…life abounds’

within us…experiencing the living water of God’s love 

among us…engaging faith in Christ in genuine community 

beyond us…embodying hope for the world through living life for others

‘where the river flows, life abounds’ (ezekiel 47.9)

First Presbyterian Church Missoula (fpcm) is an imperfect church with imperfect people who are experiencing the perfect love of God in Christ, and learning how to more fully live into that love and live it out. We hope that however you connect with our faith community – in person or online – you’ll feel perfectly welcome and free to simply be yourself, and to grow in real, life-giving relationships that matter.

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Who are we, as a unique faith community?

  • We are young and old, single, married, divorced, widowed.
  • We are from a variety of religious backgrounds and experiences.
  • We are Christians from a variety of denominations.
  • We are Presbyterians who value the traditions of our faith and engaging with a variety of voices and experiences beyond our tradition.
  • We are long-time members of FPCM and new to this community and the Christian faith.
  • We are people who value each other as God’s children.
  • We are connectional and relational.
  • We are traditional and contemporary, formal and informal.
  • We are striving to be genuine, hospitable and inclusive (and sometimes we succeed).
  • We are the ‘partially frozen chosen’ continuing to ‘thaw’.
  • We are believers who care enough about our faith in Christ to try and live it out genuinely and faithfully.
  • We are a community in transition, seeking God’s vision for our common life and mission.

We are a family of faith in Jesus Christ that spans generations, traditions and gender. We come from differing socio-economic backgrounds. Some of us have grown up in Presbyterian households, while others are from different Christian communities or faith traditions, and others are new to the Christian faith. We are all blessed by our Creator with our own unique gifts and we carry our own unique burdens. Not unexpectedly, our expressions of worship and service to our singular God are broad and varied. We are indeed diverse, yet we are united by a thirst for a genuine relationship with the God who has created us to be both uniquely individual and communal. This single commonality not only overcomes our differences, but also embraces them, drawing us together as a family in this community of faith in Christ. We seek not only to strengthen and support one another, but to reach out in acts of service demonstrating to others the heart of Jesus.


What is our vision, for the present and the future?

First Presbyterian Church Missoula will be known for the vitality of its…

LIFE IN CHRIST, where persons discover a pathway to everyday worship in sanctuary and society, liturgy and life, through experiences that form them to know the grace and truth of Jesus Christ and learn his Way of love.

  • Where people give praise to God in a variety of forms.
  • Where people learn to engage Scripture with critical reflection.
  • Where people learn to pray and embrace practices of faith that make space for God.
  • Where people strive to understand the culture and translate the good news for today.
  • Where men, women, children, youth and families enjoy regular opportunities for spiritual retreat.
  • Where gifted teachers invite others to think the faith.
  • Where people discover their spiritual gifts and new leaders emerge.


LIFE TOGETHER, where persons discover a pathway to genuine community through a culture of intentional relationships that engage faith and communicate the gospel

  • Where Church is the living Body of Christ, not a lifeless building full of Christians.
  • Where all are welcomed and warmly won to meaningful involvement in the faith community.
  • Where people form friendships that matter for faith.
  • Where people make multi-generational connections.
  • Where there is a commitment to relational ministry and an ethos of mentorship.
  • Where there is a central focus on ministry to children, youth and families.
  • Where there are thriving opportunities for college students and adults of all ages.
  • Where the community itself can be called a ‘hub of fun’.


LIFE FOR OTHERS, where persons discover a pathway to participation in God’s mission of saving love for all the world

  • Where there is an array of opportunities to serve God’s kingdom purposes in short-term and long-term mission projects/partnerships.
  • Where there is a commitment to hands-on, boots-dirty, face-to-face involvement at local, state-wide, national, and international levels.
  • Where new missions and partnerships multiply.
  • Where people come to engage culture empathetically rather than fearfully.
  • Where the community of faith acts as a good neighbor to its neighborhood.
  • Where people are willing and anxious to address local social issues.
  • Where a completed physical plant invites wide use as a Missoula community resource.
  • Where the community of faith contributes relationally to the larger Body of Christ and provides leadership for Glacier Presbytery.
  • Where there is smart, timely, professional communication on behalf of Christ’s Church.

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