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For Such a Time as This...

This lonely, broken, beautiful world is the context in which First Presbyterian Church has been called to love God and our neighbors. 

By worshiping together, by deepening roots in Christ and his Word, by building relationships that matter for faith, and by seeking extravagant ways to serve our community, we long to discover meaningful spiritual life, to taste authentic community, and to bear witness to a hope greater than ourselves. Call it life in Christ, life together, and life for others.

What if it's for such a time as this that we, all of us, have been invited to trust in Jesus together and to surprise Missoula with Christ's astonishing love?

Weekly Worship with FPC

You are welcome to join us for worship! We gather Sunday mornings at 9:30am in the Church Sanctuary and celebrate the Lord's Supper the first Sunday of each month. Our blended service is led by a variety of voices and instruments - from piano to guitar, violin to cello, and handbells to drums. Know that we especially celebrate the sounds of little children in worship!

This Sunday

Pentecost Worship with FPC | May 19th, 2024 | 1 Corinthians 12.1-7


This Sunday we gather in worship to celebrate Pentecost. We invite you to wear red!


In the first century, Pentecost was (and still is) the day – fifty days after the Passover –  that our Jewish friends celebrated God’s provision of a harvest to meet all their needs, and especially the provision of God’s life-giving instruction (God’s Torah or Law).


We who follow Christ celebrate how, ten days after Jesus’ ascended, with his disciples gathered in Jerusalem for Pentecost, there came a sound like the rushing of a fierce wind; how forked and fiery tongues appeared among them; how they were filled with the Holy Spirit; and how they began to speak in languages not their own, communicating the good news of Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection in the many heart languages of the crowd.


Pentecost is a celebration of the Holy Spirit. The gift of God’s provision of everything needed. The gift of God’s life-giving instruction. The gift of God’s invisible presence among us to draw us to Christ, call us to faith, and empower us to be about his kingdom work. 


Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, kindle my faith with your fire; breathe your breath of new life into me; renew my hope in the affirmation that Jesus is Lord…

Remote Worship

We will be together in the Sanctuary for worship this Sunday at 9:30am. You can also click these links to live-stream our worship service (or view it afterward):

To listen by phone to the live 9:30am worship service on Sunday via Zoom, call 253-215-8782. You will be asked to enter three codes:
Meeting ID: 84025131691 (then #)
Participant ID: (just press #)
Password: 658627 (then #)
You will also be able to join worship by clicking the link on FPC's webpage or find it on Facebook at 'First Presbyterian Church Missoula'

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Please provide or update your contact information with FPC by emailing or calling the church office at (406)549-5144.

Contact Us / Office Hours

Call us at (406) 549-5144 or email us at

The Church Office is open 9am-3pm Tuesday-Friday (unless otherwise posted) at 235 S. 5th St. W.


How grateful we are for your gifts to support the multiplication of good news for our city! Please make online gifts by clicking here. You can also bring your offerings to worship, mail checks to FPC, or drop them by the office 9am-3pm Tuesday-Friday. 


Dan Cravy                    Pastor

Austin Graef                 Director of Children, Youth and Family                                          Ministry

Emma Thackston         Director of Worship

Becky Kress                 Church Operations Manager

Jo Ruby                        Program Support Administrator

Haleigh Adair               Church Secretary

Tomi Kent                     Bell Choir Director

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