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New Heating System for Christian Education Building

FPC News, April 30, 2021

At the April 20th Session meeting, the Session, grateful for God’s provision, authorized the execution of a contract with 4G’s Plumbing to abandon the leaking in-floor heating system in the first floor of the CE building and replace it with child-safe baseboard heating fed from the existing boiler.


The Boiler Committee consisting of Gary Jones, Colin Lane, and Ron Salesky did extensive analysis, using DC Engineering, evaluating all the current systems for replacing the existing boiler system. The cost for that would have exceeded $850,000. With this solution the cost will be between $168,000 and $185,000 depending on issues confronted during installation, given the age of the building. 

The new piping for the system will run along the exterior outside walls of the classrooms, be insulated, and have metal covers. They will feed cabinet heaters (with internal fans for heat distribution) in each room. The heaters will be controlled from a thermostat located in each room. Control cables will also be exterior and have metal covers.


Currently there is one thermostat for the entire first floor. An additional benefit of the new system will be improved heat distribution for the classrooms. The goal is to complete ordering all components for the system and to begin installation no later than the end of the MCS school year. 

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