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‘Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly with

Your God’

FPC News, April 23, 2021

These words from Micah 6.8 are posted on the wall of my family’s home. They offer a simple expression of what it means for followers of Christ to live faithfully for God’s unfolding vision of justice and mercy for all God’s children. They remind us of the good news that we have a part to play in not only the rule of law, but in a lived solidarity with all who are in particular threat of being neglected, used, and abused. 

This week’s conviction of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd offers hope of accountability and racial justice. And it leaves us praying for the day when the world will finally be made whole in the reconciling love of Christ. 

In worship we will offer this prayer, that the Lord would act, and that we might humbly participate in the justice and mercy of God revealed in Jesus:

Holy One, Prophet of Love, 
You lived among us to teach us – to show us – how to love;
In humility we pray for siblings around the globe: 
For those dehumanized by their struggle for existence, may we listen; 
For those overshadowed by the constancy of death, may we notice; 
For those besieged by fear, anger and relentless peril, may we show up; 
For those ensnared by systems beyond their control, may we demand change. 

In your love and mercy, hear our prayer. 

Holy One, Breath of Being, 
You are here – _in this very moment – _as constant presence and insistent voice; 
In gratitude we pray…with boldness, we pray:
Inundate the world with humanity, 
Overwhelm the world with truth, 
Flood the world with kindness, 
Upset our indifference, 
Accelerate our action, 
Strengthen our resolve, 
Compel us to authentic discipleship 
That nurtures creation, embodies love and breathes life. 

In your love and mercy, hear our prayer.

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